Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Left Foot. AND the Right Foot.

My sore left foot is healing nicely. The doctor said I tore a ligament. I think I just pulled it because it's healing quickly and isn't painful. It's uncomfortable but not painful. I think it would be much more sore if I had torn the ligament. I still have a little ways to go in my recuperation, so I'm trying not to push it. Much. I'm limping along in my little blue orthopedic shoe, and I've actually picked up some speed in my crooked gait. My family has taken to calling me "Hop-along". They're sweet that way.

However, last night I was sitting on the love seat when Hubby said, "There's a big bug on the side of your chair!". I reached down, swatted it to the floor and attempted to squash it. He was a large bug to be hangin' out in the house, so like Oscar Wilde's wallpaper, he needed to go. The only problem was I couldn't see him in the pattern of the rug, and when I put my right foot down, I apparently, put it down on him. And he bit the fire out of the bottom of my foot. I'm not one to whine with pain, but it really HURT. I couldn't believe how much it hurt, and it completely interrupted my hour of ogling Raylon on Justified. Loves me some Raylon. Anyhow, we figured out pretty soon that it wasn't just a regular yard bug, it was a wasp, and the nasty bugger had stung the bottom of my foot. Never mind that it's March, and it's way too warm for bugs to be hatching. The bottom of my foot started swelling up, so I grabbed my old friend the ice pack and slapped it on there. The ice pack and I?  We're close buddies these days.  If I work hard enough at this, I could be completely crippled by this weekend.


oreneta said...


Is the swelling going down at all? Right on the bottom of your foot, that must really smart. *shudder*

Linda said...

I am still shaking! I HATE wasps...and bees and things that sting! You sound like you having my kind of month...if it isn't one thing, it is the other! Take care of yourself!

Living Life said...

Ouch! That is pretty freaky. Those buggers hurt. Hope your running feet heel quickly!!