Monday, March 12, 2012

Thank you, John Candy

The scene: Last night. Hula-gen living room while watching the movie Uncle Buck, specifically, the scene at the party where he threatens Tia's boyfriend, Bug, with a drill 'cause Buck knows Bugg is trying to get into Tia's pants.

Teen Angel: "That's the reason I never went to any parties. I figured Dad would find out and do something crazy like that.

Hubby: "Yep. And your mom would be right behind me to make the sound effects."

Hula: "Yep. Zzzttt, zzzttt! And I'd probably be wearing a funny hat, too."

Teen Angel: Rolling of the eyes.

Who says the media's always a bad influence?


Jan n Jer said...

LOL...poor TA putting up with crazy parents...haha Seriously..I can so relate...been there done that..daughter(livinglife)is going through that very same thing right now!

Linda said...

Had to laugh at this...I never had daughters - only sons - but I can imagine the eye-rolling that was going on! Funny...poor Teen Angel!

Living Life said... just so happens that I found out some pretty interesting facts about the party my 15 yo attended this past weekend. Facts that I was shocked to learn! Therefore, I will be VERY leery of letting her attend any more of these "parties".

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I seriously want to live next door to the Hula-gens. Ya'll are too funny!

Linda said...

Tried to view your "A Few Things" post and cannot get to the page. Just wanted you to know...