Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hula-Gen Family Fun Fact # 29

Hubby isn't really a fan of fishing. In fact, he likes to say that the only fishin' and huntin' he does is in the bottom of a cooler. He says he doesn't like killing animals, which is true. But sometimes, I wonder if it's because he's scarred from a certain fishing experience with his Uncle Buddy.

I don't know what's scarier in this picture. Papa T.'s white buck shoes, Uncle Buddy's tennis shoes, Hubby's sandals or Sissy's hair rollers under that gosh awful rain bonnet. There is definitely some footwear tragedy going on in there. There are more fashion crimes in that picture than in Snooki's underwear drawer.


Linda said...

Funny...those old photos bring back a lot of memories, some of them good, some of them embarrassing!

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