Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Fling

Recently I wandered into the local skate park because it was abuzz with young people doing flips and turns and jumps of all kinds. I don't know if the sunshine put a spring in their whizz bang doodly doo or what, but they were all over the place, and they were flinging themselves all over the place. It was pretty cool, and I could have stayed longer, but apparently, when you show up with a camera, park security will make you sit AWAY from the concrete, lecture you on wearing a HELMET in the skate zone and stand BESIDE you until you're finished shooting. Even if the kids, all over the age of fourteen, don't mind having their picture taken.  Silly me, I figured security would be busy chasing off the perverts that hang around the ball fields trying to hook up with strangers for sex in view of playing children. I guess not.

Anyway, my overall thought when I left? Wow, Hula, don't you wish you were as flexible as you used to be around age seventeen?

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Linda said...

I do wish I was as flexible as I was at 17...however, I doubt I would be skateboarding! I was never very good with wheels under my feet! Isn't is amazing that someone with a camera is suspect? And a woman, at that? Oh well, these are strange times we live in!