Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm Sassy and I Know It

Life around here has been pretty good lately. My foot has been healing nicely, and I've walked all week without my orthopedic shoe. I'm down to just some discomfort and moving at a normal pace. You just have to ignore that slight hitch in my gait. And I'm wearing very flat shoes. Not that I wore tall ones before, but my foot seems to be more stable throughout the day if I just keep it very flat. As in very little arch support. The ER doctor thought I tore a ligament, but Dr. Hula thinks she just pulled it because it has healed very fast, and the pain tapered off early in the process. I may even try (gasp) a little running this weekend. I have to get my fanny in gear. I agreed to be a part of a relay team for the Iron Mom half marathon in early May. Go moms! Forgive me, I'm on a bit of a pro woman rant these days. I have to quit reading so much political news. This war on women by certain politicians around the country has me ALL fired up, and I'm really becoming most annoying to certain members of my household. Along with some of my dancing habits. Somebody tell me. Why is my 19-year old offspring so troubled by me singing "I'm Sexy and I Know It" while dancing like a naked M&M? I don't get it. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

Anyhoo. Each of the Hula-gen's is in a fairly smooth pattern of work, household chores and taking care of Papa T. Teen Angel also has school, which is boring her silly this semester because it's all gen ed classes in which she has little interest. Like economics and math. Sorry baby, you get that from me. My freshman economics class made me want to poke out my eyes with dull pencils. I made an A, but it really had more to do with the notes I charmed from a boyfriend who had that same class a few months before me. It certainly wasn't because I read my econ book with rapt interest. My rapt interest was saved for the boyfriend. Given the way that relationship ended, I should have probably just read the book.

Teen Angel's jobs soak up most of her extra time, which leaves little room for the opposite sex, and that makes her dad most happy, as he's still living under the delusion she will willingly refrain from dating until age 23 and that no male over the age of fourteen is looking at her chest. I've tried to explain to him that young girls ALWAYS find room for the opposite sex, but he likes living in the Land of Make Believe, so I've given up on that conversation.

She is putting all of her restaurant tip money in our Mason jar of Europe savings, and that's starting to add up, so we've started reading about Italy and begun the time consuming process of figuring out an itinerary and the logistics and costs involved. By "we" I mean I've started the logistics, and she's picking the things she wants to do. And I'm not namin' any names, but somebody around here needs to be winnin' the lottery if we're going to see all she wants to see. And yes, I spent $2 on Mega Millions tickets for tonight's drawing because $2 will NOT get you a gondola ride in Venice.

All of the money I make on photography gigs this year is going into that Mason jar, so I've been booking shoots for the summer months. I have three weddings and several family shoots planned. I'm trying to keep a schedule that's profitable but not overwhelming. The weddings are a lot of work, but I really do enjoy being a part of that kind of celebration. I think it's pretty cool when someone lets me witness that time in their life so intimately, even if I'm exhausted at the end of the day. I met with one of the couples the other night to finalize arrangements, and they were so cute. It reminds of the days when Hubby and I first fell in love, and we were so wide eyed and idealistic about marriage. Hee, hee.

The extra early spring season we're having means Hubby has started his yard work a little earlier than usual. Which suits his compulsive mowing habit just fine. He and the next door neighbor have this unspoken competition about who mows first each work and who puts the straightest lines in the grass. It's Mr. McD-1, Hubby-0 as my husband has already torn up one mower and one tiller. The man has three mowers, a passel of weed eaters and all kinds of general motorized yard tools. They are all fairly new. The man does not have junk. And while most people use one mower for several years, give it a little maintenance and manage to have no problems, my husband tears up lawn implements on a regular basis. I'm not even kidding about that. I'm sure the lawn mower mechanic at the local hardware store took his family to Gulf Shores last year on the money he made off of our mower issues. Hubby cranked up a mower Monday, traveled a short ways across the yard, and the blade fell off. The tiller quit on him yesterday when he tried to till up the garden spot. He claims it's just bad luck, but since most people don't have that much bad luck I'm going with "he just tears s**t up". And the fact that it's already begun is a sure sign spring is in the air. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!


oreneta said...

Beautiful mental, teen angel, wiggle wiggle wiggle!

Linda said...

Very funny images you left us with today! Some people do just seem to tear stuff up, don't they? Maybe he should take a course in small engine repair? Although that could be disastrous!

J.G. said...

Have you considered that the lawn mower mechanic may be thinking about Venice, too, this year? (Just sayin'.) Bet he loves to see your car pull into the parking lot with something in the trunk . . .