Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stop, In The Name of Love Before You Blind My Eyes

Hula + new camera + three month old nephew = picture taking to the nth degree. Dinner with Special D. (and the rest of the family but who's counting them) Monday night had me out of control. The quest to get a shot of him smiling in low light under wiggly circumstances took all dadgum evening. I finally landed one right before we left. I tried to make it work without a flash, so as not to blind him, but I think his retinas are at the very least detached. Forgive the fuzziness of these pictures. They're really too out of focus to use, but I'm posting them anyway because they tell the story of the evening.

Now, he's no stranger to the camera, but let's just say he was a little tired of it before the salad even arrived.
Hey, who's that crazy lady with the camera?
What the heck is that noise?
Has she quit yet, Teen Angel? Can I look?
Unc, make her stop. Hey, maybe if I poop on her, she'll quit.
Ack! There she goes again. Good Gerber woman, don't you ever quit?!
A little help over here. Anybody? ANYBODY? Maybe the pitiful look will work. That usually guilt's SOMEBODY into giving me my way.
Oh alright, I'll just smile and get it over with. Check please.


janjanmom said...

I love it!! He is doomed to be blinded by the camera...Teen Angel is too old(ancient, in sure she reads this!) and the camera too new.

karisma said...

Oh just gorgeous! I have been known to be confused with the paparazzi myself! They get used to it and totally ignore you after a while!

J.G. said...

Irresistible! If he doesn't want to be photographed, he shouldn't be so darn cute!

oreneta said...

He is looking at you kind of strangely.....gorgeous smile once you got it!

Amy said...


Too cute!:)

Mia said...

Oh you could just eat him up with a spoon!!! You will have to give me some baby boy picture taking hints,because it won't be long now!
Can't say how precious the gift you sent was : ) I am almost sure that was a "grandma diaper bag" right? So cute Bev loves the colors, thank you so much!!

hulagirlatheart said...

Mia-You're welcome. I thought it could be used by either one of you, depending on your needs. You guys will have to flip for it.

Janis said...

He is a cutie pie, so blessed to have family around to spoil him and love him to pieces. Looks like your getting a lot of pratice with your new camera.

The Girl Next Door said...

OOOOH I want one I want one. Wait. What the heck am I saying. YOU ARE EVIL! But he, yes, he is adorable!
remind me again about the poop?!